Bird Supplies in Garstang

Pet Birds

We stock a great choice of bird seeds for your parrot, cockatiel, budgerigar, finch or canary - all available in smaller packs for your birds, or in bulk sacks for people with aviaries. We also stock several ranges of complementary treats to help keep your birds entertained like millet and cuttlefish and also quality treats from Vitakraft, Vitapol and Johnson's.

Your bird may be in need of some amusement and mental stimulation while you're not around. Why not take a look at the wonderful fun toys and treats that we have, that will keep your budgie, parrot or cockatiel fully entertained for hours - helping to avoid boredom and subsequent associated problems, such as feather-plucking.

Bird Supplies in Garstang

Wild Birds

We offer a large selection of wild bird food from corn for the ducks, nyjer seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds - both with and without the shells and black or black/white, mixed wild bird seed, suet pellets, logs and blocks, and filled coconuts. All of these can be purchase either in small bags or bulk size bags, which can be delivered to your door to save carrying it.

We have many different feeders from peanut feeders to suet log feeders and squirrel proof feeders! Here is some information to help you make your choice of feeder for your garden birds.

Bird Supplies in Garstang


Nut feeders are made of steel mesh, some coated with plastic. The mesh size needs to be large enough to prevent beak damage and small enough to prevent large pieces of nut from being removed - about 6 mm is a good compromise.

Seed feeders are tubular transparent containers with holes, through which birds are able to access the seed. These are designed for sunflower seeds and seed mixes. They will attract tits, siskins and greenfinches.

Nyjer seed is smaller and needs a special type of seed feeder. They are particularly popular with goldfinches and siskins.

Hopper types with trays or flat surfaces are suited to general cereal based mixes, although any seed mix can be used. They will attract a similar range of birds to a bird table. Make sure that all feeders drain easily and do not allow the build-up of old food with the associated health risks.

Natural feeders such as half-coconuts filled with fat, bird cake, etc can be hung from your bird table, a tree or from a bracket on a wall. They will attract greenfinches, house sparrows and tits.

Suet feeders - either in log or block form and fat balls, either in nets or separate and either large or small. Suet products are dramatically increasing in their consumption, garden birds just don't seem to be able to get enough of them! They are a high calorie, high energy food source which is particularly important during cold winter spells, but also provides a real energy boost during breeding and moulting seasons and also in the build up to migration. These also attract woodpeckers, tits, nuthatches, wrens and sparrows.

Thrushes and dunnocks prefer to feed on the ground. For these birds, scatter food on the lawn or use a ground feeding tray or hopper well. Remember to change the area you scatter the food over every few days, and never put out more than is eaten the same day to avoid attracting vermin.

If you put food such as apples and bread on the ground, space it out in different places in the garden. This will reduce competition between birds so that more birds can feed at any one time. If there is snow on the ground, clear small areas before putting down the food.